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50+ years of experience

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Our team of CASp Accessibility experts can assist you thru every process ! 

Our history

Over 20 years of Accessibility service, we know how to help

Our mission

To assist small business, every step, every process, please ask us for information on how we can assist you...

Past Projects

Los Angeles School District

Our staff have managed over 150 projects for L.A.U.S.D. removing ADA  barriers totaling 147 Million Dollars

Metro Transit

Having the right staff that understand ADA compliance gives our clients the confidence in ensuring that Metro Rails provide safe and accessible transit.

IHOP - House of Pancakes

Every franchise owner can not worry about being in ADA compliance, our staff assist ownership in every step of removing barriers even during construction. 

City of Indio

Our expert staff survey 33 square miles with-in 14 weeks with 8 staff members. Meeting the federal requirements and saving the city vital funding.

World Famous Cafe 50's Diner

When you design a 50's style diner, you need subject matter experts, we know ADA 

Inglewood School District

With 24 schools, we provided ADA assessments of each school facility with-in 14 weeks. This allowed the school district to apply the reports to upcoming projects.

Senior Staff

Larry Casucci, COO

Meet the Chief Operating Officer

Mr Casucci, has been in Architectural and engineering fields for over 22 years, he is a  member of C.A.S.I.

Dr. Madhu Pandey, CEO

Meet the Chief Exectitive Officer

Dr. Pandey, is the force in how we look at ADA laws,  by his keen focus on 'leveraging' technology, for all stakeholders in ADA's endeavor, to enable 'tax dollars' maximize accessibility .

Pankaj Kumar, SSO

Meet the Senior Staff Officer

Mr Kumar, has been working the work force for 28 years, relationships are the center point for CAC. Thanks to Pankaj

Our Mission Statement

 To Be the Best Outsourcing Services Company specializing in ADA, Assessments, Inspections, Consulting, Risk Management, Safety/Health, Program, Policy, Service Audits and Recruiting Services for Public Sector Industry through Quality Assured, Cost Contained and Timely Services.

California Access Consultants is a company based on the principles of hard work, integrity and dedication. Our reputation has been built on our promise to provide superior customer services. As a part of our steadfast commitment to you, we remain abreast of new trends and technology. I attribute our achievements to our loyal customers. I also acclaim our staff of highly qualified, customer-centered professionals whose ideals form our motto to be "Advancing Full Access and Inclusion For All"...

 Larry Casucci, COO 

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Advancing Full Access and Inclusion for All

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